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Robert H. Dicke American physicist
Dicke and Brans developed a theory of gravitation in which, as a result of the expansion of the universe, the gravitational constant is not actually a constant but decreases at a rate of two parts in 10 11 per year.
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Robert Henry Dicke Saint Louis Missouri, 6 mei 1916 Princeton New Jersey, 4 maart 1997 was een Amerikaans natuurkundige die belangrijke bijdragen heeft geleverd op het gebied van de astrofysica en kosmologie. Dicke genoot hoger onderwijs aan de Princeton-universiteit en de Universiteit van Rochester alwaar hij zijn doctoraat behaalde.
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Dicke realized that Dirac's' relation could be a selection effect: fundamental physical laws connect G to the lifetime of what are called main sequence stars, such as our Sun, and these stars, according to Dicke, are necessary for the existence of life.
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In the mid-1960s, when Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, pioneers of the Big Bang Theory, announced they had detected an unexpected and relatively high level of radiation, Dicke proposed that this was cosmic radiation left over from the Big Bang. Wörterbuch: Dicke: Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung.
dicker dicke dickes. dickster dickste dickstes. der Dicke / ein Dicker die Dicken. die Dicke die Dicken. das Dicke / ein Dickes. Dicke Festigkeit Festigkeitsgrad. Dicke Festigkeit Festigkeitsgrad Steifigkeit. Breite Dicke Stärke Umfang Weite. bigness Dicke Luft! dicke haben ugs.
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From Middle High German dicke, from Old High German dicch. IPA key: /dk/. Dicke f genitive Dicke, plural Dicken. Declension of Dicke. Related terms edit. Retrieved from" https// German terms derived from Middle High German. German terms derived from Old High German.

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