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The objective holds the blueprints and all you need to know about the Schnell. The objective was written many eons ago by my imagination, and by the power of Schnell, the power God, who is of Schnell, used to create us and everything.
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schnell masculine schnellen, neuter schnellt, comparative méi schnell, superlative am schnellsten. fast, quick, swift. declension of schnell. number and gender singular plural. masculine feminine neuter all genders. predicative hien ass schnell. si ass schnell. et ass schnell. si sinn schnell.
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Henry Schnell fl. mid-19th century, German arms dealer in Japan; brother of Edward Schnell. Karl Heinz Schnell 1915-2013, German ace fighter pilot in the Luftwaffe during World War II. Ray Schnell 18931970, American politician from North Dakota; state legislator and lieutenant governor.
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