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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English fasten fasten / fs n fæ / verb 1 clothes/bag etc also fasten up a transitive FASTEN/DO UP to join together the two sides of a coat, shirt, bag etc so that it is closed SYN do up OPP unfasten Im going now, she said, fastening her coat.
What will happen to Ride Austin, Fasten and Fare now that Uber and Lyft are back in Austin?
He handed me a card with a discount code for Fasten and began explaining all the reasons why Fasten was better than Fare. I talked to a few friends who were testing both services and they echoed this drivers sentimentsdont use Fare it has a ton of issues, use Fasten. the fastener business network.
Self drilling screws in steel and fasteners in nylon 66., Fastener Fair Stuttgart: 19 21 March 2019. BOSSONG FIX 4.0: the new software for the design and verification of the anchors. BERARDI INDUSTRIAL COMPONENTS: Standard elements and Plastic fasteners and.
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People fasten all kinds of things: we all fasten our seat belts when we board an airplane and fasten our bathrobes by tying them in the front. Your ski goggles might fasten onto your helmet, just as your boots fasten onto your skis.
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Fasten has emphasized that for every trip completed by a driver, the company only takes 0.99 of the fare, 4 a lower commission compared to competing transportation businesses such as Uber and Lyft, which both take a percentage of the fare.
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Choose the Right Synonym for fasten. fasten, fix, attach, affix mean to make something stay firmly in place. fasten implies an action such as tying, buttoning, nailing, locking, or otherwise securing. fasten the reins to a post fix usually implies a driving in, implanting, or embedding.
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screw, tighten, weld, affix, adhere, nail, attach, bolt, solder, glue, truss, wedge, set, lace, chain, strengthen, lock, hitch, hook, tag. Examples from the Web for fasten. Contemporary Examples of fasten. They fasten their seat belts to drive one hundred yards across a parking lot.
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His hand fastened on her arm. 6 transitive, intransitive fasten something on somebody/something if you fasten your eyes on somebody/something or your eyes fasten on somebody/something, you look at them for a long time He fastened his gaze on her face.
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fasten on phrasal verb. fasten up phrasal verb. fasten onto phrasal verb at fasten on. fasten upon phrasal verb at fasten on. or fasten up. transitive to close something such as a piece of clothing or a bag using the buttons, zip, clip etc on it.
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If the hands did not fasten and take hold, how then should we eat? Has his Majesty done me the honour to fasten a particular quarrel on me? Now fasten in your engine; two screws through the bed-plate will do it.
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2017: The Year in Fasten Rides. Were incredibly grateful for our loyal riders who made the conscious choice to help drivers earn more in 2017 with Fasten. To celebrate the, weve some major milestones and some facts that are just plain fun to share with all of you.

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